Borderlands 2 - Melee Zer0 and notes

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A game released on 2012 and ported to Linux on 2014 and I stumble on it 2017 :) Sure it's an old game but oh lordy it's fun and is totally worth a post BECAUSE... REASONS!

Read-only save game on Linux

Borderlands 2 save game state lives in a two tier system.

  1. In memory which progresses as you play.

  2. On disk to which progress is saved when you see the translucent vault icon blinking during gameplay as stated in the startup screen.

On Linux the save files are stored in ~/.local/share/aspyr-media/borderlands 2/willowgame/savedata. You can disable the on disk saving by making the save file or the whole directory read-only like :

sudo chown root. -R ~/.local/share/aspyr-media/borderlands\ 2/willowgame/savedata

In order to load the on disk save into memory you have to reselect your character from the main menu (Save & Quit, Choose Character).

Getting specific mission reward

Complete the all mission tasks but before turning it in make your save files read-only. eg. You complete a mission in the The Dust and then you fast-travel to Sanctuary to turn it into Mordecai. After materializing in Sanctuary and blinky vault icon has done it's thing, you make the save file read only.

Proceed to turn in the mission in and see what you got. If it's not the item you wanted, reselect your character and continue, turn the mission in again. Rinse and repeat. After you get the item you wanted, make save writable and continue the game.

Getting multiple mission rewards

Complete "Claptrap's Secret Stash" mission in Sanctuary first. Otherwise same procedure as in the previous with the exception that you put reward into Claptrap's stash in Sanctuary and then reload your character. eg. You wan't multiple Lady Fist or Pimpernel variants in your backpack.

Claptraps stash is persisted in your profile and will be preserved if you switch character (as Claptrap explains).

Getting a mission reward always matching your level

Make your save file read-only before accepting a mission and have the patience to run it from start to finnish and stash the goodies at Claptrap's place and then reselect your character. This of course doesn't work for the main story lines missions if you're planning to advance at same point :). But for short side missions it's ideal like "Best Mother's Day Ever" for Love Thumper or "Uncle Teddy" for Lady Fist.

My melee Zer0

My unsuprising melee Zer0 load and some reasoning for the choices.

  1. Slag Rapier (+200% melee damage)

    Where to obtain : Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty DLC. Rapier is a reward from one of the optional "Message in A Bottle" missions located in Hayter's Folly. The area can be accessed from NW corner of Oasis.

    Why slag? It's the only relevant element throughout the game at any level of the game. Even with slagging chance of only 9% the rapid fire rate of Vladof AR gives you a fair chance slagging.

    Without the DLC another option is to use Law (Jakobs revolver with +100% melee damage) which is a reward from an optional mission "Won't Get Fooled Again" in Sanctuary.

  2. Slag Evisceration Rubi

    Where to obtain: Main game, optional mission "Rakkaholic Anonymous" which is available from Mordecai after Bloodwing mission. Turn in to Moxxi and you'll get Rubi.

    Why? Slagging and healing. Holding a Moxxi weapon while dealing damage gives 12.5% back into your own health bar. This is essential for survival in UVHM. Same reasoning for slag as above. 23.4% chance to slag (26.9% with Maliwan grip).

    Note to myself : Get an Evisceration Grog Nozzle.

  3. Sublime Pimpernel as the dedicated slagging weapon

    For a melee build I think the melee accessory (Sublime prefix) is rather useful as I get the melee damage bonus for all weapons in slots from 1 to 3. When comparing to Barking prefix and Jakobs grip you lose about 20% of damage output (200k vs 240k @ lvl 72) but with body matching Maliwan grip you get magazine size of 10 (base 6) and 64.8% slag chance (base 56.3%) so it's definitely a part to aim for.

  4. Fire/Shock/Corrosive Pimpernel depending on the area I'm in or a some sort of launcher for FFYL.

  • COM : Legendary Ninja Class Mod

    Where to obtain? Legendary class mods seem like a guaranteed drops from Chubby/Tubby enemies (fat versions of Varkids, Skaggs, Spiderants etc.) after you've reached level 62. Unlike loot midgets the tubbies always seem to drop mod matching your character. I've had best luck finding tubbies in the passage north of Elli's place in The Dust and Arid Nexus - Badlands which has a bunch of skagg nests.

    Why? Melee damage, survivability and maneuverability. Can't really get any better.

    Before level 62. Shadow Ninja which provides melee damage, Backstab and Killing Bl0w.

  • Relic : Bone of the Ancients paired with element of slot 4 weapon.

    Where to obtain? Rattle some Loot Midgets in Wildlife Exploitation Preserve.

    Why? Sheds 30-50% of cooldown time between deceptions and adds damage 4th slot weapon and kunais. Melee relics work poorly (additive bonus) in the damage formula.

  • Grenade mod : Chain Lighting

    Where to obtain? Tiny Tina's DLC, drops from Ultimate Badass Sorcerers which can be found at least in Hatred's Shadow, Lair of Infinite Agony and Dragon Keep.

    Why? Regenerative ammo, good damage thus healing potential with Rubi. Easy to aim as the chaining can begin from almost any surface.

  • Shield : Love Thumper

    Where to obtain? After completing "Stalker of Stalkers" on Overlook's bounty board a mission called "Best Mother's Day Ever" will eventually drop a random stalker.

    Why? No need to strip shield instead more focus on staying alive :) and kunais get roid damage applied all the time.

    Note. Get a Hide Of Terramorphous

  • Backpack : Pimpernels, Bitch, Lady Fist, The Bee (for mobs which are hard or impossible to melee like Dragons or Leviathan etc.). As Zer0 gains damage bonuses for critical hits more accurate weapons are a logical choice.


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