Watchmaker's basic toolset

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Toolset for disassembly and cleaning.

Tool Options Selected (* owned)
Loupe 4x and 10x Bergeon, A*F A*F x4 176.150.25, nn x10
Loupe holder Bergeon, nn  Bergeon 5461
Screwdrivers Bergeon, Horotec, A*F, Anchor A*F 0.6-1.2mm set 18985
Tweezers (2,5) Dumont, Bergeon, Horotec, Vetus Dumont #2 anti-magnetic, Vetus type 5, nn brass AA
Movement holder Bergeon Bergeon 4040
Spring bar tool Bergeon, A*F Bergeon 6767F
Hand removing Bergeon, nn H39643 nn 2.5mm levers
Cannon pinion Bergeon, nn round file + nail clippers :)
Hand setting Bergeon, A*F, nn H37241 flat,0.5,0.8,1,1.5,1.8
Case opener screw Bergeon, LG, nn nn jaxa up to Ø60 mm C31300
Case opener snap nn *
Case holder Bergeon, nn C31293 up to 55mm
Casing cushion Bergeon, nn nn Ø50 mm
Compartment boxes nn round Ø75mm w/ 5 compartments + 3x4 Ø30mm pots in box
Dust pump nn Vanguard CK3N1*
Dial brush nn *
Oilers Bergeon, A*F, nn Bergeon 30102 S
Oil Moebius, Novostar Moebius 8000, 8200, 8141
Oil cups Bergeon, A*F, nn nn 3 cup
Pith wood  Bergeon, A*F, nn nn 12 x blocks
Rodico  Bergeon Bergeon std.
Pegwood  nn Ø3mm 30 x bundle
Crystal lift Bergeon, nn G39723

nn = no name, usually branded indian or chinese tool

Oil charts for Novostar and Moebius

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